Who We Are

Pittsburgh Immigration Attorney Andrew Wood has dedicated his firm exclusively to the practice of immigration law. The Law Offices of Andrew Wood, LLC assists individuals, families, and employers to navigate the complex and dynamic landscape of U.S. immigration law. We are devoted to providing our clients with high level service and achieving positive results.

Whether you are personally hoping to become a U.S. citizen, eager to bring family members to join you in the United States, would like to sponsor workers from other countries to facilitate the success of your company, or need representation before a U.S. Immigration Court to obtain your green card, represent you while seeking asylum or a non-immigrant visa, we welcome the opportunity to advocate for you.

At times, the immigration process can feel overwhelming, but our firm will help you attain your goals. We recognize that immigration related decisions are among the most important faced by individuals, families, and employers, and we fully commit ourselves to the success of each and every case.